450 Power

450 Power
450 Power

It’s all about that hustle for that muscle

Primary Elements:

Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Rotation, Hinge, Locomotion



Kinesis, skillmill, kettlebell, omnia

450 Power is a mashup of weightlifting and body building utilizing 360 degree rotational training, scientifically proven to achieve maximum results in a safe environment. Use lower reps with greater intensity.

450 Power makes every workout feel like leg day, chest/back day and bi’s, and tri’s all in one comprehensive muscle-building workout. This station-based, circuit training workout uses supersets and other techniques to tax your muscles to fatigue so you can build them up. 450 Power Coaches can tailor the workout intensity to each person in the studio–whether you are looking to increase muscle to boost metabolism, build lean muscles, or make serious gains. You will leave each class with a rush of adrenaline from that serious muscle pump.

These constantly varied workout sessions combine high-intensity intervals interspersed with functional movements. Classes include: plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, cable pulls, battle ropes, heavy bags, agility training, indoor power rowing, sled pushes, and more.

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450 Cardio  450 HIIT


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