450 Cardio

450 Cardio
450 Cardio

Put your HEART into your workout

Primary Elements:

Heart rate zone workouts, sweat, calorie burn, melt fat, smile



Skillmill, skillrow, platforms, battle ropes, omnia

Maximum calorie burn
450 Cardio training sessions are all about burning maximum calories. Because each participant wears a heart rate monitor, Coaches can calculate the perfect heart rate zones for each participant. This helps you get results in the most efficient way possible.

Set-up like small group personal training sessions, these workouts use high intensity interval training to keep you moving. Focus on muscle endurance to build lean muscles and boost metabolism.

Classes include drills that draw from tabata, sprint repeats, agility training, dynamic movement, and more. Weight training is a key part of these workouts, using lighter weights with more reps, while compounding them with functional training. Not only will you burn a ton of calories during each class–you will experience “after-burn” as your body recovers and continues to torch calories after you leave the studio.

Because all workouts are station based, 450 Cardio Coaches can tailor the workout intensity to each person in the boutique studio–whether you are looking to drop 5 pounds or 50+. The agility and core training aspects of this workout are a perfect compliment to golf, tennis, skiing, and other sports. It’s time to lose the baby weight, tone lean muscle, increase your stamina. This is the time let your abs take center stage.

A Sample Workout

450 Power 450 HIIT

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